About Us

Born in 2019, The Pansy Garden is your one stop shop for romantic vintage treasures with a heavy focus on the 60’s and 70’s. Curated by Beth Chappell, who has vast experience in the Vintage industry and began sourcing aged 16, now 8 years ago. After graduating with a degree in Fashion, Beth felt called back to her roots and decided to launch The Pansy Garden.


“Vintage is my life and soul, I stumbled into the industry aged 16, with my original passion for Modernism, and it blossomed from there”.


The Pansy Garden has been blooming on Instagram since Summer 2019 and has built a loyal and firm worldwide customer base, with sell out drops happening weekly. It was decided to create a website to build a more professional and robust place for Pansy to bloom. Since selling via Instagram Pansy has saved around 800 dresses from landfill, sending them to their new forever homes. We source from many places, mainly in the UK to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, and what's better than getting gorgeous pieces directly from the source? Where possible the source will be stated, we like to give a backstory on our Pansy treasures.


Be sure to check out our Instagram for regular updates and sneak previews. We also feature all customers on our feed, we love to see your #PansyGirls pics, so get tagging!


With love, Pansy x