Past Collections


Pansy Heritage AW20 was a concept around owner and curator of The Pansy Garden, Beth's, Grandmother Elizabeth's family history. Beth sadly never got to meet her Grandma Liz but over the years her father told her many stories about the origins of her Grandma Liz's family, with thier bloodline leading back to Stirling and The Scottish Borders. Tartan represents Beth's ancestry, tells her family narrative and it's also something she always relates with Christmas. Pansy Heritage was an extremely personal collection and something shared with pride. It's an Ode to Elizabeth.


Pansy heirloom aw20

Pansy Heirloom AW20 was a collection full of beautifully dark wonders celebrating the mystifying theme of dark romance honouring 1960s and 1970s gothic fashion. Inspired by designers such as The Vampires Wife, Gucci and more, owner and curator of The Pansy Garden, Beth, began sourcing for Pansy Heirloom earlier this year and has poured her heart and soul into this collection. Who said romantic needed to be pink?



Pansy Sisterhood ss20

Pansy Sisterhood SS20 was a collection curated around the concept of female empowerment. This collection resembles the powerful female in all of us and was curated as a representation and vision of the beautiful Pansy Girls community. The year 2020 has been a tough time for all and it really has tested Pansy. We could have never survived without the ongoing support from the absolute army that are our Pansy Girls.